We’ve been building digital solutions for small businesses, startups, and individuals around the country with low budget and looking for a way to start an online presence quickly and easily. 


Vwam is a website builder like, it allows you to create a WordPress site for free, without technical knowledge with the possibility of subscribing for a pro account in order to take advantage of all the best features of the platform. You can create any kind of sites on Build a site for your business. Sell your products. Create a blog to share your ideas and your passion. And much more.


If your are a professor, school manager or director and you need to integrate technology to your school staff. LekolPress is best for you. LekolPress is a web based WordPress App that allow school or professors creating website and digitize their school information system. LekolPress provides student or school management systems, learning management systems and Moodle integration and google apps for education integration.


Karizone – We connect buyers and sellers in the Caribbean

Karizone is a marketplace, an e-commerce platform like Amazon, eBay or even etsy, allowing everyone to sell / buy products.

If you are looking for a way to sell online or to create an online store for your business, Karizone is the solution that best fit your need. It’s free 


KiskeyaJob is a job board, a website where recruiters come to post their job offers and view the CVs of candidates.

KiskeyaJob croit que les entreprises en pleine croissance ont besoin d’une meilleure façon de recruter et de trouver le talent qui les aidera à remplir leurs missions.