Website Maintenance, Security & Support

Websites can break down too! Just like any other asset, over time websites need maintenance. Neglecting website maintenance can open the door to viruses, spam, hackers, and user identity theft.  In addition, having a vulnerable site could spread malware to a user’s personal computer, ruining your online reputation.

WordPress Website Maintenance

We are a team of dedicated WordPress professionals with over five years of experience working with WordPress.

Wix Website Maintenance

You already have a Wix website and need help, we offer hourly maintenance and design services for projects of any size and scope

Custom Website Maintenance

Like when you take your car to a mechanic, cost of maintenance is generally less expensive than the cost of neglect.

Maintenance Tasks

We can help you ensure your website’s health, security, and functionality with our on-going Website Maintenance Plan. This service includes monthly:

Installation of security updates upon release

Core update, Add new features, Enhance existing features, Patch security issues, Improve performance, Stay up-to-date with evolving industry standards

Malware and vulnerability scanning

Scan and protect your site, protects automated attacks, fixed common security flaws, Detects viruses without false flaggings, Prevent hacker infiltration with ease.

Backup & Hacking restoration

We make sure to Backup your websites regularly. If being hacked, our team we’ll Restore  your site to a good working state

Form submission and security testing

Your organization owns the submission data and file upload data. Ensure that submission data is transferred and stored in a secure

Cross-browser compatibility testing

Cross browser testing is the practice of making sure that the web sites and web apps you create work across an acceptable number of web browsers. 

Mobile compatibility testing

Checking or validating that your application behaves as expected across multiple mobile devices and browsers that your customers will be using to access your application.

Design and functionality audits

design audit also helps gauge if the functionality of the website or app is in tandem with the growth of the organisation. Review your website or company’s visual branding elements.

Recommendations for optimization and site edits

Improve User Experience, ● Achieve marketing goals, SEO Positioning, Happier Customers & Higher Sales, User engagement

Speed and performance check

We take a holistic approach to improving WordPress speed and performance. For speed & performance mostly use below listed 2 tools 1) GT Matrix 2) Pingdom.

Security monitoring

Monitoring, Security Hardening and Performance Optimization plan covers everything you need to keep your fast and secure. Ensure user productivity, Ease troubleshooting, Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirement.

Website Support & Training

We are here to help you troubleshoot, solve problems, educate, train and generally support you however we can. We provide support and training in demand. We organize meetup and Workshop monthly.

Maintenance report

We will generate detail report about updates, bug lists, Fixed issue, performance and speed report, customize change if any, etc and send report every end of the month.

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Work with a Team of Talented Developers

With our approach to Web Design, our methods continue to be proven in a continuous challenging marketplace with delivering what we promise.

Fun Facts

Since 2011, we have been able to create impact and easy-to-use digital solutions.

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Team Members

Our team of Experts we’ll keep your website running smoothly and secure

Developer, digital entrepreneur, blogger and Lead-organizer Port-au-Prince WordPress Meetup Group. Long life learner.

Junior MOISE

CEO, Full Stack Developer

I’d love to combine my passion for languages with my mobile-first approach design techniques to continue building customized  web & mobile app

Louis Duperrier

CTO, Javascript Developer

IT specialist, Systems Administrator, Network Administrator LAN/WAN,  Web Developer and WordPress Consultant.

Jimmy Champagne

Web Developer

Our Process & Workflow.

We’ve designed our entire process around providing everything a small businesses needs when they’re starting out – ensuring that working with us is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience.

We can fix any small issue you request and improve your site in a number of ways. Here’s how it works:


We give our clients full control of their website without a ridiculous price tag, and our friendly team offers their expertise even after your website is live. Our order process comprises of 4 easy and simple steps that save you a great deal of time.

Website maintenance is the process of checking to see whether your website is healthy and performing well. It’s about keeping up with security updates, fresh content, encouraging traffic growth, and making sure your website visitors are happy.

Choose your package

Buy one of the Maintenance package above.

Send your website

Submit your website details

We do our work

Our experts work on it


Report Submission

We will submit our report

Questions and Answers

Do you still have doubts? Read our FAQs or contact us if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

Our support hours are  8 AM – 2.30 PM GMT, Monday through Friday. Any support tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours.

What do you need in order to set up support on my site?

After you have selected and purchased your support plan, you can create a support ticket with your Admin credential and necessary details which help us connect to your site in order to install our services offered (i.e., security monitoring, backups, and plugins). Our staff keeps these credentials private and will never share these details with anyone not associated with Maintain.

If an update breaks my site, does it cost extra to fix it?

The site is immediately rolled-back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update. The methods for this vary in some cases (due primarily to e-commerce functionalities, if present). From there, you’ll be notified of the issue.

The majority of issues are addressed free of cost, however, custom plugins, issues introduced by users, or particularly time-consuming issues may be billable. Maintain will notify you before charging anything to your account.

Can I transfer my maintenance plan to another website?

Sorry to say no. Each WordPress site requires a separate support plan with a unique support license key.

Are there discounts if I sign up multiple websites for your maintenance plans?

Of course. Contact us for more information and let us know how many sites you’d like to include – we can create a customized quote.

Is there a contract?

No contract, you can cancel at any time and receive a refund for monthly accounts.

What payment forms are accepted?

Pay online with a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX), Debit card, PayPal & Mon Cash. Your card will be billed automatically on a monthly recurring basis until you cancel or change your plan. You can make bank deposit too.

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Can I hire you to do design or development work on my site?

Absolutely. We are having a team of designers and developers who can assist for projects like theme design and development, send us a note about what you need as we quote by the project.

How Can We Serve You?

Collaboration starts here. If you think we’d be a good fit for your next project please inquire with us by filling out the form.

We’ll reach out to you shortly in order to set up a meeting that will allow us to learn more about one another.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.